Mysterious Founder Gives EVERYTHING to the Genuine Undead Community

Amidst the fog of the Ukrainian War, the fear of inflation, the collapses, scams and scandals that have all made 2022 so difficult, there have been precious few things to celebrate. But for the web3 world, the Genuine Undead are a loud and proud exception. Started by an anonymous artist (The Founder) without any marketing, no community building, and no promissory roadmap, the Genuine undead collection launched as a free mint on August 13th of this year. Drawn by genuine love for the art, collectors scooped up the 10,000 transcendent 24x24 pixel PFPs almost instantaneously! Awaking to some 300 Eth in his wallet, the Founder wrote, “I am going to die!” What happened next would surprise him even more.

Despite no roadmap, no marketing team, no promises of a pump, the Genuine Undead community EXPLODED! Led by one of their own, DoctorBoom, the #UndeadArmy rallied on Discord and started to gather momentum. Tags of #RiseAndShine, #UndeadNeverDie, #Gullish, #StayGenuine and #GU began to swirl around Twitter. The community kept growing and so too did the collection’s floor price. At this point, it was time for the Founder to surprise the Undead. 

To give back to the community that gave him so much, The Founder gave EVERYTHING up. He recognized DoctorBoom’s Discord as the Genuine Undead official Discord; he gave control of the @genuineundead Twitter tag to the community; and last but not least of all, The Founder gave his personal legendary PFP, NATURE, to the community wallet. (event depicted here)

This symbolic act tells everyone what they need to know about the Genuine Undead project. After an initial act of creation, the project has been about giving. The community has given endless energy to the project. They’ve formed governance councils, creative councils, social media campaigns; they’ve given their time rapping in Twitter Spaces; members have painted scenes of the Undead and penned lore for the GU universe. And in response to this unsolicited upspring, the Founder has relinquished control of the project. He even donated his only PFP to the community. 

This is web3 working in accordance with its highest ideals: democratic, decentralized governance and personal empowerment. Despite atrocious macroeconomic factors, a group of honest actors came together and spontaneously created both social and financial value. As the Undead explain it, "Community IS the utility." No one came to the Undead Army and said, “This is how we are gonna pump the price.” No one said there’s partnerships, staking and endless uses for the NFTs. The Undead rose from the ether and coalesced around a love of 10,000 fetid faces. It was genesis akin to the forces of nature birthing new ecosystems in amorphous, unplanned ways. Witness this army in action and you'll see: They're 100% genuine. They're very much alive.

Writer and Redlion's editor-in-chief. Musician, 🥁 streamed over 100,000,000 times playing for Caught A Ghost, Magic Bronson and more. 2017 Experian hack victim... made the benefits of web3 easy to understand. Listening is his superpower.

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