Meet P Elaine Sharpe: Philosopher & Salacious Master of Visual Art

Meet P Elaine Sharpe: Philosopher & Salacious Master of Visual Art

The Artist:

Allow me to introduce you to my friend, P Elaine Sharpe, a.k.a. P E Sharpe, PE, PES, Pepe Pes, or, my personal favourite, The Puppetmaster.

PE is a little different from the artists I've highlighted in recent weeks.

In fact, my favourite part of curating this family-oriented frog exhibit has been how different, yet, each incredible in their own signature style, the artists I've had the pleasure of working alongside have been.

PE is a Master of Art. Quite literally, she is the recipient of a Master's in Fine Art from York University in Toronto, where she is based. On top of this, PE holds a Doctorate in Philosophy. On top of this again, PE is not a "he", as each of the artists in weeks one to four of the pushin P curation have been... safe to say we've got a bit to get through here.

PE and I talked today about crypto being a bit of a "Boys Club" - and it is...

So, I'm incredibly grateful to be able to be bringing you something a little "different" this week. Especially as I write under an all-but-full moon, the archetypal symbol of divine feminism, such as we see in nature, such as we see in PE's work.

You can find PE on Instagram with the handle mycircusmyclowns. This is fitting, firstly, due to her proximity, growing up in Ontario, to Cirque Du Soleil. Secondly, due to her playful nature, and the style of her creations.

PE specialises in the salacious end of the artistic spectrum.Salacious, meaning "appealing to sexual desire or imagination", actually comes from the Latin "salax" which in turn means "inclined to leap".

Indeed, perhaps it is the perfect descriptor for this frog.

Before PE was a painter, she was a photographer with a keen eye for life. Resultingly, she has always perceived art in her own unique way. For her MFA Thesis Exhibition, she hired private investigators to follow her movements for a day. The investigators were provided with instructions to take photographs of the places she had been, though at night when she was no longer present.

On the other side of the camera, PE has had her work exhibited throughout Canada and the US. This includes a feature collection entitled unanswered: witness which probes into twentieth-century crime sites with a sense of ambiguity and intentional lack of focus that requires the viewer to reconsider what they are looking at. In fact, it begs almost every question beginning with a "w" of the viewer.

Since flipping the switch from drawing with light (i.e. photography) to painting with oils and acrylics, PE has reinvented herself as an artist.

It's something she always wanted to do, but it required a firm commitment. Once the decision was made, she never looked back. Again and again, PE has had her work exhibited, at galleries such as the Wil Kucey Gallery, Myta Sayo Gallery & Angell Gallery, to name a few. These exhibitions are testament to the quality and depth of her work.

Recently, she's been working on artistic creations for a number of exciting crypto projects, including & some of her own fake memes too.

The Art:


This the Fake Rare battle cry.

Together, we believe we're putting on quite a show. Are you enjoying it, anon?

The Cirque du Soleil, or Circus of the Sun, is in full effect. We are passing through a truly revolutionary period history. Using her wonderful skillset to first coalesce imagery via a generative adversarial network (GAN), before adding layers of her own personal touch in Procreate, PE has created for us an artdrop from the mind of a cultural genius.

CIRQUEDUPEPE is quite a REAL depiction... of the ringmaster of the web3 circus.

You might come to see, in a world full of FAKE, that what starts as "fact" soon becomes "fiction". Meanwhile, our collective works of "fiction" are, in reality, "fact."

PE is The Puppetmaster, and I am but one of her puppets. But Pepe is The Ringmaster, and we are all living in his ring.

This artdrop includes references to various pepephernalia from around the web3 circus. It lies, buried deep under the surface of the internet, in a dark, dank corner... just waiting to be found... waiting to be entered...

Who will you trust, in this strange and new metaverse that awaits you, anon? I can recommend the Frogs and the Lions. We love a good circus.

Parting thought:

I'll leave you with PE's words... via the museumofnonvisibleart:

"I don’t have a story to tell through painting.

I try and I fail.

I try to understand how to ‘make a painting’ but instead the painting makes me.

It taunts me.

I am obsessed with paint; it is a fetish, a stand-in for what I used to desire in my work, but it is more demanding and unresolved than any desire I have ever experienced.

How do you talk about something that involves every aspect of your present state and know-how to someone who is not you, other than by stepping back and letting them experience their own reception and perception of the work?

I want the seduction of paint itself to be perceived."

Check out free NFT ArtDrop by P E Sharpe here

Associated Projects:

  • MikaboshiDAO
  • OpenSea Collection: The Chaos Chronicles
  • OpenSea Collection: Diary Of A Seducer
  • OpenSea Collection: Photography Museum
  • FakeRareDirectory
  • FakeMemeDirectory

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