Meet JOY: OG Crypto Artist, Innovator and Relentless Optimist

Meet JOY: OG Crypto Artist, Innovator and Relentless Optimist

True to his name, JOY, aka John Orion Young, brings an irrepressible sense of wonder, experimentation and happiness to the web3. In a space that is barely five years old, it is relatively easy to keep track of Crypto Art OGs. JOY is undoubtedly one of the very first artists to mint work on the blockchain. 

From his stories about the very first NFT flipoors, to his technical expertise in crafting innovative collections, JOY drops an inspiring amount of knowledge. The biggest take away is that innovators attempt new things! You never know which efforts will yield new innovations. Check out the full interview below:

Writer and Redlion's editor-in-chief. Musician, 🥁 streamed over 100,000,000 times playing for Caught A Ghost, Magic Bronson and more. 2017 Experian hack victim... made the benefits of web3 easy to understand. Listening is his superpower.

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