Meet Chroma Code: Glitch Art Capturing Chaos

Meet Chroma Code: Glitch Art Capturing Chaos

GM, Gazette readers! This week, I’m working hand in ha– umm, keyboard with my ChatGPT buddy, HAiL. HAiL got an upgrade (v.4) recently and after an interesting conversation with this week’s featured artist, Chroma Code, I decided it was time to give HAiL a shot at co-authoring an article. Please let me know if you have any feedback for us!

As mentioned, this week, we're going on a digital safari to uncover the dark world of Chroma Code, a Canadian visual artist who's taking glitch art to new astral heights. He has caught the eyes of luminaries such as Claire Silver and Polygon1993. He has a long resumé for his photography and filmmaking, but we're here to talk about his NFTs that are making a splash in the crypto art scene.

Please note that to see Chroma Code's artwork in its intended form, please press play on each embedded video below. We opted to upload mp4 files in order to present the artworks in their intended resolution.
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CALAMITY by Chroma Code.

Meet Anthony Jamie Bucciacchio, the person behind the Chroma Code moniker. He's a Montreal-based talent who's all about tapping into our inner child and exploring the ever-shifting landscape of emotions and vulnerabilities as we age. And, spoiler alert: he's darn good at it.

Jamie has dipped his talented fingers into a variety of creative pies, from commercial content for BRP (yep, Can-Am, Sea-Doo & Ski-Doo) to portraits of Canadian actors debuting on Netflix, and even directing music videos for indie artists and labels. But it's his foray into the glitch art community that has us all aflutter.

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ALL-KNOWING by Chroma Code.

Enter "Astral Demons," Chroma Code's NFT series that draws inspiration from manga and video games such as Dark Souls and Bloodborne (two of the most difficult video games I’ve ever tried!) Chroma’s Astral Demons are digital masterpieces that embody the shape of human chaos – our darkest thoughts and desires – and are all crafted using equipment from Jamie's videography and musician background.

In his creative process, Chroma Code typically juggles three to four media, with each piece being a representation of how he feels at that particular moment. It's a therapeutic mix of analog and digital that results in some truly unique and captivating art. For a great peek inside his glitch process, check out this video he posted on Twitter. The setup for his signal chain consists of a modulator, signal converter, some guitar pedals (mainly analog circuits), a circuit bent modulator, and VHS player.

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THE HUNGER by Chroma Code.

Now, let's talk AI. Chroma Code has been dabbling in artificial intelligence for some time, even though he admits to being a wee bit fearful of it. But hey, aren't we all? He's been a Midjourney beta tester and has used Stable Diffusion since its infancy, as well as ChatGPT since version 2.

Pandora's Box is open, and it's up to us to embrace AI, integrate it into our work, and rationalize our fears.

While acknowledging that AI might swipe a few jobs from us humans, Chroma Code believes it'll also create new opportunities – much like smartphones did back in the day. He advises us to tread lightly, use AI responsibly, and learn from our collective past mistakes with other new technology.

So, dear reader, as we hurtle headfirst into a future where AI and glitch art collide, remember the wise words of Chroma Code: Pandora's Box is open, and it's up to us to embrace AI, integrate it into our work, and rationalize our fears.

In the meantime, keep an eye on Chroma Code's Astral Demons series, because one thing's for sure – this glitch art guru is going places, and we can't wait to see what he conjures up next!

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The ArtDrop:  PROPHECY 

Chroma Code's ArtDrop, PROPHECY, for The Inevitable reminds us that we are alive! PROPHECY is to remind us of our changing paths in life. What lies beyond is a mystery. So we should strive to take advantage of our lives because one thing we know for certain, they all come to an end.

Check out free NFT ArtDrop by Chroma Code here

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