Meet Baldo: Graphic Designer, 3D Artist, Passionate Photographer

Meet Baldo: Graphic Designer, 3D Artist, Passionate Photographer

The Artist:

Baldo is a Venezuelan-born 3D Artist who moved back towards his familial roots in Spain early in his life. He's since travelled further abroad and worked in design for a security & labelling outfit in Germany, before coming to reside (for now) in Austria, where he balances working multiple IRL jobs to support his family with his surreal artistic passions, in any spare time he has available!

Baldo previously ran his own surreal art gallery in Spain. Unfortunately, it didn't work out... but that experience is sure to be a win for any artist, and judging by Baldo's talent, it might not be long before that dream becomes a reality again!

Please note: the videos in this article have been compressed for better readability - please view Baldo's works on Foundation to see them in all their glory!

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Baldo speaks Spanish, German & English, plus a little Italian & Romanian too. He is, therefore, something of a multicultural talent! When he's not working IRL or spending time with his (similarly) multicultural wife & their young son, he spends most of his spare time creating and/or watching YouTube videos to continue his learning & polish his skills.

When it comes to his digital skillset, Baldo is completely self-taught, and to me, this is evidence of web3's lack of need for traditional education. If the art is good enough, the artist will find a way to speak. And if the art is as technically wonderful as Baldo's, the artist will certainly have their voice heard!

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Baldo highlighted to me his own perseverance in pursuing his art. He stressed that although he's not living off of the art (for now), he always finds (or perhaps makes) the time to continue in his practice. It is this attitude that will separate the good artists from the great ones, in my own humble opinion. In the words of the great Einstein, "Success comes from curiosity, concentration, perseverance and self-criticism."

In Baldo's own words, "that's life, if you stop moving, you lose."

Baldo's art is inspired by technology, AI, surrealism & science fiction. It can be deep and dark and thought-provoking, or sometimes it can be a bit more light and fun... but it's always mystical.

As well as indulging in 3D graphic design work, Baldo is also a passionate photographer. Check out his Instagram, bapvisual, for evidence of those other skills!

I don't think we've seen half of what Baldo is capable of just yet.

The Art:

This week, for the pushin P curation finale, our friend Baldo has created THEPEPEKING.

When I began this curation, it was very much my intention to entangle Pepe - the frogs - and us at Redlion - the lions - in such a way that all the animals of our current web3 jungle would begin their entanglement with the symbolic animals of jungles past.

In my mind, I'd pictured an asset just like this one, and I couldn't be more grateful to Baldo for stepping up and creating it, as the picture-perfect clincher for our seven-week series.

THEPEPEKING is a signal of a Grand Rising.

Baldo has used his magnificent self-taught 3D graphic design skills to create an asset with layers upon layers of symbolic meaning. One which tells a true fake story. I would draw your attention to the screaming frogs hidden within the Redlion logos, the authenticity of color in the African terrain, and the beautiful sunset that draws the viewer in closer - truly appearing to shine out over the entire PEPEKING-DOM.

There is a scene in The Lion King - 1½, where Timon meets Rafiki, and Timon is encouraged to look beyond what he sees in order to get to where he's going... who should be present in this scene? But, of course, the frog! So perhaps I did not begin this entanglement... perhaps we have forever been entangled...

The metaphysical representation of our continued evolution.

The Lion King has its heart in The Pride Lands of Africa (being loosely based on the East African countries of Kenya and Tanzania). It wouldn't be a far stretch to suggest that the heart of the world, of web3, of Redlion, & of Pepe, belongs to The Pride Lands, a continent which exists in the shape of a heart, too.

THEPEPEKING by Baldo is the latest in a string of incredible art created by Pepe artists, in collaboration with Redlion. It completes a seven-week story which traversed the highs and lows of the memetic power of Pepe.

Parting thought:

I'd like to thank all of the artists who've been involved in this little slice of Redlion PEPEHISTORY. We are nothing, without our community. And this curation would never have been possible without each of you, so thank you - deeply, and from the bottom of my heart.

Beginning in week one we had Arwyn's KRISAWOOGABUSI. A cryptic clue, about where Pepe has been, and where Pepe is going.

In week two we met THENFTMVPEPE by Viva La Vandal. This time, a message from Pepe himself - claiming his rightful crown as the Most Valuable Player in the meme game.

Week three saw Nick's ONEPEPATATIME. This is a reference to the journey that we, as Pepe, are all on. We might be marching uphill, but we stay marching.

Lifting us up in week four was ARISINGPEPE by espress0. A reflection of the culture of Pepe, the strength of the frog community, and a network effect that will we hope will eventually see Pepe rise, all the way from the bottom of the ocean, up into the stars, where he belongs.

In week five we were introduced by P Elaine Sharpe to the ringmaster of CIRQUEDUPEPE. Consider this a meta-invitation... that is, an invitation within one show, to enter another, greater Pepe-verse, within which this show metaphysically exists...

In the penultimate week, we were taken back to school to sit in on a PEPEHISTORY class being taught by Whoisit. This is truly an educational journey through spacetime, unlike any other.

Finally, we have this week's drop, THEPEPEKING by Baldo. The perfect ending to a series in which I have thoroughly enjoyed playing my part. Baldo closes the curtain on our curation, but this is a story which is really still only in its infancy. I look forward to seeing how it progresses.

Thank you, again, to all of the artists above, who, together, put on this wonderfully memetic show.

A big thank you also must go to Redlion - for giving us, the artists and curators, a platform upon which to share our art, messages and love.

We stay pushin P.

Check out free NFT ArtDrop by Baldo here

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