Meet Arwyn: a Full-Time Multi-Disciplinary Artist

Meet Arwyn: a Full-Time Multi-Disciplinary Artist

The Artist:

Arwyn, a man of Welsh descent, is a multi-disciplinary artist in the truest sense.

He’s a DJ, a writer, a jpeg/png/mp4/gif specialist, and a genuinely great human.

These are just the talents that I know of.

Arwyn’s actually one of my closest friends in the world of web3. We’ve spent a bit of time together on the phone, sharing knowledge and deciphering cryptic clues about our existence.

He’s simultaneously an excitable & talented artist and a wise teacher, with a calming aura.

He’s an appreciator of the fine arts and esoteric wisdom, and I’d suggest that he’s probably involved in more projects than he’d prefer to say.

Much like myself, Arwyn is a big fan of Shakespeare, da Vinci, games, mystery & story-telling.

A regular in the XCP community, Arwyn is omnipresent. I expect we’ll see a lot more exciting things coming from him in the future.

The Art:

Exemplifying his multi-disciplinary talents, not only has Arwyn created a deeply meaningful visual NFT, but he’s also blended in his DJ skillset, to give us just a taste of his usual multi-hour DJ sets!

KRISSAWOOGABUSI is not just another NFT.

It’s an NFT that will hopefully make you stop and think…what is it that this artwork is trying to say to us?

What is the significance of the pepeunicorn? Does it represent a $1 billion valuation for the frog memes, perhaps $1 trillion? Or more?

There are plenty more questions… like why is there so much ORANGE in the artwork? Or what does AWOOGA mean?

Perhaps you’re still asking yourself, who is Kriss Akabusi? What does he have in common with the Mikaboshi? Is he a paid shill? Why should he be crowned king anyway?

If you want answers to these questions, you’re going to have to dig a little deeper for yourself, start by following mrarwyn 

Parting thought:

As Arwyn said to me just recently, we’re so full of shit.

So of course, none of this is financial advice. But, if I were a betting man (and I am), I would bet on Arwyn (and I will).

Check out free NFT ArtDrop by Arwyn here

Affiliated Projects:

  • 8liens NFT
  • Ideamarket
  • DC6_E16
  • MikaboshiDAO

pepe enthusiast, hip-hop head, curator, artist, ex-accountant

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