Meebits Rising!

Meebits Rising!

With the floor price steadily rising. Now, after just a couple of quiet months since the launch of Meebits...

**A new record sale price! Topping the previous record of 700 ETH for a Dissected Meebit**

Surprise! A 1,000 ETH purchase of the one and only ‘Mutant’ Pig Meebit has quickly brought a lot of attention back to the most recent Larva Labs NFT project. The purchase was made on OpenSea, which is a bit of a shame considering the Larva Labs Meebit contract has a built in 0% fee buying/selling/trading platform which could have saved the seller roughly $50,000 worth of ETH fees at the time of purchase. Though it is by far the most expensive recent Meebit purchase, it certainly isn’t the only recent high-end Meebit sale.

There has especially been a lot of interest in rare type and attribute Meebits lately. Just yesterday a number of Pig Meebits were purchased in a very short time span, almost instantly raising the Pig floor price by ~50%! Earlier this week a number of premium priced 3d Glasses and Hoodie Meebits were purchased in rapid succession. It really looks like people are suddenly getting excited about fine tuning their Meeb collections!

The recent growth in Meebit sales per day is hard to ignore. It’s really helpful to have this up-to-date Meebit sales data available, and presented so well! DegenData has done a great job with many popular NFT projects as well.

11 Pig sales yesterday gave the median daily sale price a nice boost to 2.4 ETH across only 37 sales total. Impressive, considering within the past month the median price has been as low as 0.83 ETH! Total number of daily sales appears to still be increasing along with the average price being paid.

There's much more for Meebits participants to explore too. Personally, the more pictures I see, the more I really want to go in for Meebits 3D Printing! The files that come bundled with each individual Meebit (including 3d-print .vox files) really takes digital ownership to the next level.

More and more Larva Labs faithful have been creating 3d-printed models of their Meebits. Looks like Shapeways does a pretty great job too!

The Meebits DAO has been pushing out some great new content over the past weeks as well! Their Discord is growing steadily, primarily through recruiter invites. The announcement of their upcoming Dissected Meebit sharding ‘Ticket’ drop for all Meebit holders has sparked a mass of interest. If you haven’t already, you might want to quickly enter the waiting list to join the MeebitsDAO community Discord.

LarvaLabs onboard with Meebits DAO!

Especially exciting news for Meebits DAO and for all Meebits holders! The alignment of Larva Labs with the tremendous community effort being undertaken by MeebitsDAO members to build the metaverse is among the most promising support imaginable! The future of Meebits and their inevitable metaverse is looking brighter by the day!

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