Marischa Becker

Marischa is an artist who loves to express deepness, joy, and sometimes some darkness in her art. “I would like to say that a little bit of everything is part of my art.”

In 2014, Marischa became a portrait and wedding photographer. She thought this was her passion and dream job. But this idea slowly shifted when she started to edit her photos and experiment more with photoshop. In December 2017 she discovered digital art. She enjoyed it so much that her interest in photography slowly faded. She woke up every morning with the urge to just create art. “Now I live and breathe art. It’s all I want to do for the rest of my life. I have never felt this much passion for anything else.”

Marischa’s style is always changing and developing. “It is all about practice and your state of mind. What stories do you want to tell? Sometimes, I want to tell a happy, relatively simple story and sometimes I want to dig deeper into emotions, go super dark and eerie.”

Through practice, Marischa has developed a unique style that is easy to identify. Whatever she creates, she tries to stick to the same overall ‘feel’, her own style. “The journey will never end when it comes to developing your style, it’s part of growth, part of life and existence. You can never stop growing or developing. It's called evolution.”

Marischa has become a familiar face in the NFT community, especially among 1/1 digital artists. She’s always there to help other artists, engage in chats, and support the community as a whole.

The ArtDrop by Marischa, called The Social Butterly, marks an important moment in her style development. It’s the first piece in which she put an astronaut, marking the start of her space-related pieces. Take a look at her Foundation profile and you’ll find that ‘space’ has become an important topic among her collection.

The initial design of the ArtDrop was featured by Photoshop back in 2019. They named it ‘The Social Butterfly’ and Marischa decided to stick with it. Compare our ArtDrop this week to the original file and you’ll see that Marischa edited the file to fit her style even better later on.

Check out free NFT ArtDrop by Marischa Becker here


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