Mari Takahashi

Mari Takahashi

Mari usually works on CG for TV commercials, websites, and Japanese movies together with her studio partner. Whilst she loves her work, Mari finds it unfortunate that often the creatures we create, end up not lasting a lifetime. She truly believes that when we as humans make something with love, it can - and should - live on forever. 

Mari recently joined the NFT art space. She minted her first work in May 2021. Her work often shows the same characters: her Mare-mon. These are characters without eyebrows, a nose or mouth. In the future she would like to create a larger world around her characters. Like a game or a movie. You can meet all her characters on her website.

Mari now dreams of spending literally all her time on NFTs. As she says: “I live in the countryside, far away from where normally people work on CG. I want to prove to young people, who live in the same kind of countryside, that they can make a living with CG without having to move to a city like Tokyo.”

Check out free NFT ArtDrop by Mari Takahashi here


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