Los Angeles Rapper, Domino, Breaks Down Music NFTs

Los Angeles Rapper, Domino, Breaks Down Music NFTs

We had a lively chat with Domino on the state of the web3 music scene. He broke it down for us, "Caring about the music is caring about the music artist. The [current streaming] model is great for consumers" but provides "literally no value" for artists. So while the streaming question is still up in the air–there isn't a great web3 streaming option right now–the purpose of music NFTs is to give fans "a more personal relationship with the artist."

There are "tiers of fans, passive listeners, fans, super fans," and now they have the opportunity to support their favorite artist more directly, "it's a game changer for independent artists." To hear more about the state of the decentralized music industry, or to hear how Domino can stop his heart of command (no cap), click below!

Writer and Redlion's editor-in-chief. Musician, 🥁 streamed over 100,000,000 times playing for Caught A Ghost, Magic Bronson and more. 2017 Experian hack victim... made the benefits of web3 easy to understand. Listening is his superpower.

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