Live Interview with jarrodt123.eth from Huddln

Live Interview with jarrodt123.eth from Huddln

We had the pleasure of interviewing Jarrod from Huddln. The entrepreneur’s journey from Wall Street to web3 founder was fascinating to hear about–anybody that mined Doge in 2014 was ahead of their time! 

Now Jarrod is working to perfect his web3-native social media platform, Huddln. The promising app promises to pay creators for generating popular content. Hear the whole story below:

Writer and Redlion's editor-in-chief. Musician, 🥁 streamed over 100,000,000 times playing for Caught A Ghost, Magic Bronson and more. 2017 Experian hack victim... made the benefits of web3 easy to understand. Listening is his superpower.

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