Lily Lorelei

This week, we’re delighted to announce that the ArtDrop is made by Lily Lorelei, a fantasy writer and artist ‘with her head in the clouds’. Lily makes unique pieces that combine psychological themes with humor. They’ll make you think, they’ll make you laugh.

Hi Lily! Tell us… When did your artistic endeavors start?

I started sketching when I was still in school, around the age of 11-12 years old. Sometimes I was so bored in class, I’d draw strange-looking characters in my notebooks. One day, the teacher saw it and told me to never do this again - and to go and take art classes.

After that, I got about 1 hour of art classes per week. Here I learned to use various mediums. At the same time, I was also writing short stories. I started doing this at the age of 7. The very first one I can remember was about a bird that lost its flock and then had to live with humans, haha. And then? I went to study Graphic Design & Illustration.

You have a very unique and specific style. How did you develop this?

When I started drawing, I usually made very realistic art. People, bikes, animals, and much more. The fantasy style you’re seeing in my NFTs was only developed later. About 5 years ago, I was writing a fantasy book. I’d sketch the places and characters in my head. That’s how I slowly grew into the more surreal style that I use now.

As I told you, I used the draw very realistically. The art I make now is digital. The transition to digital wasn’t difficult for me though: I had already been using a tablet for over a decade to create logos for clients. Digital painting didn’t feel unnaturally at all.

You’ve been creating art for quite a while now. What got you into NFTs?

My fiancé was watching Gary Vee on YouTube a lot. One day, he showed me these collectibles and how crazy expensive they were (and are)! I was so shocked and very skeptical.

But then I saw Beeples art and various women artists, and this got me very intrigued. That’s what won me over.

I am so happy that I now get to paint what makes me happy, rather than follow clients' requests. So as soon as I had the chance, I reduced my graphic design gigs so I could focus more on being an NFT artist. I feel much happier having this freedom!

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