We’re excited to feature him as the ArtDrop artist at Redlion this week. Let’s get to know Kreum a little better, shall we?

​​”I started my journey into art almost two decades ago while in my teens and took a break when I entered the workforce (for non-art related jobs). I started becoming more serious with my art again just over 4 years ago.”

“I kept creating and playing with existing styles until I found a style to make my own. My style is a culmination of my influences: The legendary pixel-artist artist Waneella, Eizin Suzuki, Studio Ghibli, and even Hergé's Adventures of Tintin!”

“A friend and amazing pixel-artist, Kldpxl, introduced me to the world of NFTs and helped me out with information to set up my journey. The ability to make what you want (which often provides the most creative results) and retain certain rights to your art seemed to me like the way to proceed forward on my art path.”

Excited to see more of Kreum’s work? Then check out his SuperRare right here

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