KK is a Japanese manga artist who just happened to fall into the wonderful world of AI art. Usually, she draws with her own two hands but found herself mesmerised by this new medium of art when browsing Twitter: “I felt that AI will greatly expand the range of expression." The piece ‘Her Future’ was created using Midjourney.

As an artist, what inspires KK the most is the world she sees in her dreams when she’s asleep. In her words, witnessing phenomena that are impossible in reality and that completely deviate from common sense, leave a strange but lasting impression on her when she wakes up and comes back to the real world. These “fragments” as she calls them, help in her creation.

In terms of her creative process, she thinks about the big picture and makes her prompts this way, leaving the AI to figure out the details. In KK’s eyes, that’s where the magic happens because the “accidental products” created by the AI often supersede what she had herself imagined.

I felt that AI will greatly expand the range of expression.

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