You do not take pictures just your camera. In this process participate: all pictures which you saw, all books which you read, all music which you listened also all people whom you loved. (Ansel Adams.)

My name is Artiom Kireev AKA KireevArt. I was born in May 1987 in Minsk. Acknowledged as one of the most professional and successful Belarusian photographers. Full-time Freelancer, traveler. 14 years of intensive creative practice. Achieved an M.A. degree in Visual and Cultural Studies in Vilnius.

These digital works of art were exhibited in Paris, Milan, Beijing. Prizewinner of numerous photo contests. In 2011, was awarded the title of “Most stylish photographer of Belarus”. Gold Award for first place in the nomination "After Dark" - Proify International Photography Awards 2016. World’s TOP-10 Fashion Photographers 2018 + 8th edition of the book "The Best Photographers 2018" (OneEyeland). Working with light is an important element of self-expression, unique author’s art code. Color is the original accent of sounding a visual language.

Authentic fantasy, sublimated into Fairy Tale photography. Photography certifies experience and at the same time narrows – limiting him to searches of photogenic, turning experience into the image, into a souvenir. (Susan Sontag.) I prefer to create souvenirs of something fine. For these personal reasons, I went in a special way – transferring my creative focus to research of the fancy world of my own imaginations. Collection: ‘My Wonderland’ begun in 2008 and for the last 13 years I have been developing this author's project. Stylization and effects are really unique same as this digital photography generally.

All decoration, dress, everything else – is handmade. I think the true art of artistic photography is capture in time and it cannot be painted so clear in any else way. Only photography magic so accurately can freeze elusive time. I touch upon the theme of human essence in a not repeatable manner. It some surrealistic etude is the projection unconscious expressed these images is perceived more clear with knowing some theories of Carl Gustav Jung (archetypal images) and Vladimir Yakovlevich Propp (Morphology of the tale; Historical Roots of the wonder tale).” I realized that it was the right time and I must show all this fundamental work as NFT.

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