Karalang is a 22 year old artist born and raised in Spain, originary of Gambia. You could recognise his art style anywhere – a bright colour palette, rounded shapes and a kiddy cartoon style, channelling his inner child as muse. SoulWorld, a universe of his own creation is based around 3 genesis collections: The Trilogy. 

By gamifying and giving shape to his imagination, Karalang has attracted many eyes to his pieces.

He also rewards those who collect his NFTs, for instance bigger pieces like the one below are complimented with an ‘Explorer’. The artist describes ‘SoulWorld: EXPLORERS’ on his website as “a collection of 1/1 handmade characters focusing on weapons and gear”, still ongoing today as he teases a second drop on Twitter. In the past, holders were also granted early access to new NFT drops.

Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Reimagined/Karalang

MBDTF Explorer

"As weird as it might sound, my childhood years were probably the most eventful times in my life. I can remember a lot of it. From ages 4 to 11, I had so much fun as a kid. As I grew older I became more isolated, that’s why I’m so heavily into anime, power rangers/super sentai, cartoons, toys and candy."

The Karalang creative journey began when he was 15 making Youtube videos, from where he slowly transitioned into graphic design, then after a few years of learning Photoshop he began sketching and drawing. This has all led him to what he focuses on now, which is illustrating digitally, although he says that “eventually I’ll expand into other mediums.”

BUNGEE Explorer

Check out free NFT ArtDrop by Karalang here

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