His love for photography started roughly when he was 2/3 years old. He remembers that, when he was a kid, his mother’s husband always walked around recording things from their holidays and he also wanted to do that one day.

One day he found a Cybershot Sony camera in a cupboard at home. He went out and shot a closeup of a white flower. It was upon taking that picture that Kangoo decided to do everything he possibly could so he could buy a DSLR and a macro lens.

He was very determined and got to work spreading leaflets and whatever else he could do then. At 13/14 years old, he finally got his first DSLR Sony a450 with a kit lens. At the time he was very passionate about extreme sports, especially MTB dirt. He started shooting every day.

A little later, at about 15 years old, his interest shifted from sports to girls, and he started to work himself into clubs - mainly underground clubs - to take pictures. He was of course underage but the offer of free photography got him through many doors.

But then, at 18, he experienced a bad breakup and felt lost - and with that, he also lost his interest in photography. He ended up quitting photography school and going to the Netherlands. He got screwed over here, working a job that didn’t pay him, and ended up on the streets. He lived in a park for a while but luckily met someone who offered him to stay in her apartment for a while until he’d get better.

After a while, he moved back to Poland, finished his education, and then moved to UK. He didn’t sit still and worked his ass off in all kinds of different jobs (cleaner, chef, manager, door-to-door sales) and build up a lot of experience.

He started approaching people on the streets of Edinburg, taking their profile pictures and building up a portfolio. This is when he met his future wife, Lily Lorelei. She supported his career and allowed him the space to grow even more.

They started a little business together doing photoshoots and got actively involved in NFTs. Now they’re, together, leading the Creative Photography Club, a Web3.0-focused photography community that helps onboard new people to the space.

Check out free NFT ArtDrop by Kangoo here

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