JPEGRUNTZ pursued art and design full time after dropping out of business school after a semester, instead teaching himself graphic design and art principles. Since then he’s majored in graphic design and is spending the summer focusing on fine art.

Eyes, teeth, the Pink Panther, numbers… Rory’s art blends together nostalgic cartoon references with computational symbolism and code snippets. The simultaneous eeriness and comfort his art pieces evoke speaks volumes for an artist embedded within crypto culture –which involves taking what we cherish the most forward with us as we invent our way through the unknown.


Into the Ether

We spoke with Rory about his muses, from art to music:

I’m greatly inspired by the painter George Condo – how he uses abstraction, and the way he uses vintage cartoon characters in themes whilst retaining fine art elements. I’m a huge Lil Peep fan. I relate heavily to his music and am enamored by his story. To have the confidence to make music that is so unapologetically authentic makes me want to emulate that in my own life, with my own art form.

Beyond that, his art has also drawn inspiration from graffiti and street art.

‘Spent Time’ is a piece that holds a personal touch, since Rory likes to make art in parallel with what he is experiencing in his life. 

This one is about spending time with those I care about. In terms of technique, I used abstraction to add depth as well as to create an eye-catching composition. I try to use negative space as an integral part of the composition too.

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