Jason Naylor

This week’s ArtDrop is made by Jason Naylor, an award-winning artist, designer, and creative director based in Brooklyn. On his website, we can read that Jason’s work has received global recognition including the Golden Novum Design Award and two CLIO Bronze medals. His work was also featured in numerous publications and blogs and he has worked with numerous brands such as Coach, Pepsi, Guess, XBOX and Maybelline.

Hey Jason! We can tell you’ve got quite a track record as an artist. How did all of this start?

I’ve been making art my whole life. My mom is an artist, and when I was young you’d often find me painting and coloring. I always did well in art class. So after high school, I went to school for Graphic Design (Brigham Young University). Here I obtained a BFA in Graphic Design.

I then worked for 5 years as a graphic designer in the Creative Department of M·A·C Cosmetics. Here I learned a lot about the business of art and design, and developed my personal taste. Then I quit my job to become a full time artist. I’ve been going non-stop since that day 11 years ago!

You mentioned you developed your personal taste during your time at M·A·C Cosmetics. Is this the same style we’re seeing now?

It’s here where I started to fall in love with colors. My style evolved over time, but in the last 5 years it has really turned into the flurry of color that you see nowadays. I began using spray paint about 5 years ago and that influenced my style a lot. What I love most about spray paint is the ability to blend colors. And I thoroughly enjoy trying to match my spray paint style with my digital style.

We can indeed clearly see this in your art, also in your work before NFTs. When did you get into cryptoart? 

I began investing in crypto when the pandemic began. This led me to discovering NFTs early in 2020. I immediately joined Superrare, but somehow didn’t start minting until last year. However, I have always loved technology and digital art. So NFTs were a no-brainer for me! And I love the community that is developing around it so much. I’m very thankful to have discovered this.

Check out free NFT ArtDrop by Jason Naylor here

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