Jason Balducci

Jason Balducci

This week, we are delighted to introduce you to Jason Balducci, an artist from Rome (now living in Toronto, Canada) whose style we'd describe as abstract, vibrant and playful. Jason deconstructs archetypes and familiar references in a way that some absolutely love, and some others may dislike - which is, in our opinion, one of the beautiful things about art. It's subjectivity. 

Hey Jason! Nice to meet you. Let's start with a little bit of a background story.

I was always interested in art as a medium of communication, but it was only at a later stage that I started creating art professionally.

My university years in Spain opened my eyes to creating art based on the representation of feelings. I attended the Fine Art Academy in Altea, Spain from 2008-2010. Here I learned how to do this using an expressionist style, trying to leave behind what I had learnt during classic art training.

I got art classes before, when I was younger, but I always felt that the things I learned were a constriction to the freedom of expression. This is something that I found in my years in Spain where most of my colleagues were practicing a kind of art that was free, expressive and emotional, distant from the classic rules and more energetic than the classic paintings.

What inspires you? 

I love combining colours in unusual ways. The simple act of playing with them, whether it’s on a canvas with paint or on my computer screen, often sparks a lot of ideas for me

However, most ideas come to me when I'm working. I've come to learn that my best pieces are often the result of me messing around with art supplies, when I don't really care about the outcome. True creativity requires a willingness to play with raw materials, whether those materials are paint, words etc.

What do you like about expressionism?

Expressionism gives you freedom to create without filters, connecting with the audience instantly, by the use of colors, lines, scribbles, and primal energy with the medium you are using. That for me is an essential way of communication, more than words, it is a vehicle to express your inner spirit, who you truly are.

When did you get into NFTs? 

I learned about NFTs back in February 2021. I saw some artists on Instagram posting images and artworks which they mentioned were NFTs and from there I delved into it.

Since my traditional paintings were already being sold in online galleries or on platforms, I thought that I could sell NFTs too. As I learnt more, the blockchain system appeared so interesting and inspiring, and I decided to apply to many platforms. With success, because my work can now be found on quite a few of the renowned NFT online marketplaces.

What about the future? 

Easy! My focus right now is on establishing a solid community and expanding my presence in the field. 

Learn more about Jason right here.

Check out free NFT ArtDrop by Jason Balducci here

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