Jake Fried's Open Eyes (Flower): Art Meets Tech

Jake Fried's Open Eyes (Flower): Art Meets Tech

Innovative artist Jake Fried, renowned for his complex, hand-drawn animations, recently unveiled a unique collaboration with Avant Arte and Cozomo de’ Medici. The project, Open Eyes (Flower), beautifully melds the physical and digital worlds of art through lenticular prints and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Exploring Lenticular Art with Jake Fried

Fried's signature animations captivate audiences with their intricate layers and fluid movement. With Open Eyes (Flower), this movement transcends the digital space, finding form in a monochromatic lenticular print. Lenticular art, capable of creating depth or movement illusions, allows Fried's work to come alive in a tangible, dynamic format.

This physical manifestation of Fried's art is the result of a meticulous process of drawing individual layers by hand, scanning them, and digitally assembling them into animated works. Open Eyes (Flower) utilizes eight distinct frames, incorporated into a mesmerizing, three-part lenticular.

Marrying Traditional Art and NFTs

Accompanying each lenticular print is its digital counterpart in the form of an NFT. Leveraging blockchain technology, these NFTs offer proof of authenticity and ownership, seamlessly blending physical and digital art experiences for collectors.

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The pairing of traditional lenticular art with digital NFTs illustrates the possibilities of merging traditional art mediums with cutting-edge digital formats. It creates a comprehensive, engaging art experience that resonates in our technologically advanced era.

Sales and Authenticity of Open Eyes (Flower)

Open Eyes (Flower) will be launched on July 25, 2023, and the draw entry has already started with a limited edition of 20 (+3 Artist Proofs: 2 for Jake and 1 for Avant Arte), at $4,464 each. The purchase process, designed for fairness, involves a random draw for potential buyers. It also includes signing a Resale Agreement at checkout and providing a Certificate of Authenticity with each edition signed and numbered on reverse, thereby assuring the originality and value of each artwork keeping in mind that each print is paired with an NFT of the same artwork with the claiming instructions shared with collectors after launch.

Open Eyes (Flower) stands as a testament to Jake Fried's boundary-pushing creativity. It embodies the evolution of art in the digital age, bridging the gap between the physical and the digital, bringing the art world a compelling and innovative experience.

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