How We Messed Up

How We Messed Up

Before we started dropping our new updates, we decided that a soft launch was a more suitable approach because the system we built is quite complex and we knew there could be stuff we can’t test for -or haven’t thought to test for, even silly little mistakes. However now that is all behind us, you are probably wondering why you have a few misprints, what happened with all these contracts and in general is everything ok moving forward.

Right before the first drop of issue 51, we had to redeploy the contract to allow for multi mint*, which didn't affect us much, only cost us valuable time. Then we had the Gazette V2 contract which worked well, except it had one bug that wouldn’t allow us to withdraw the funds. So all ETH from issue 51 is lost forever in that contract.

We then launched the 3rd version and sent it out to whoever already had a Gazette mint so far, with the rest available mints for subs to claim and the open market allocation, but there was another implication.

The contract due to the multiclaim function didn’t know how to count the extra mints as separate so the total amount of mints rose above the higher limit we set. So in order to rectify this mistake, we minted and sent the V4 Gazettes to EVERYONE and closed the minting process. All the invalid NFTs revert to a misprint image that you will see.

Maximum apologies to everyone for the inconvenience. There is so much more than meets the eye in organizing and setting this complex operation, and sadly there aren’t only ‘’right answers’’, everything comes with a tradeoff.

Please rest assured that our #1 priority is to make the Gazette and all our future drops amazing, valuable and exclusive. All the steps we are taking are towards the improvement of our drops and products. Gazette is my obsession and it has become my life’s work. I am pretty sure it’s the same case for DUDLY. We want to build and empower along with our great community and partners. That being said, we have been listening to everyone’s feedback regarding the recent changes and we decided to make some adjustments to our approach.

1. ALL the old Subscription tokens will keep receiving the Gazette Weekly until they expire. However, it is impossible to send the Artdrop with it because there isn't a function to allow for that. There is an infinite amount of time to claim the ArtDrop for each issue owner (unlike the Gazette where you have 2 months to claim), this adds an exciting dynamic for the secondary market too as issues with unclaimed drops will be available. New subscription tokens will still have to claim, as it is the new system.

2. Gazette open market editions price will go to 0.06 BUT the Subscription prices will remain the same. (We will take feedback on this)

3. As you know we have a weekly allowance of 5 Subs per tier weekly- we will be moving the date of availability to Monday, so it allows for new subs to receive the new issue. Sub must be minted before the new issue to be able to receive the new Gazette.

4. As mentioned in our FAQ we will tweak and adjust the weekly subscriber limit in order to achieve a good balance (we need to experiment with it).

We will also start to limit the open market issues available in order to instil better value retention to our subscribers' holdings.

We have been giving amazing SUB rewards, the latest one being daMixr JOYTOY by John Orion Young which had a minting cost of 0.45.

All the future sub rewards will be tiered.

This week the issue is very special as it is our 1 year anniversary, and it will be available only for our subscribers, NO open market sales from us.

We went with the tabloid style to pay tribute to my mediocre (at best) covers.

Oh well…. All journeys must start from somewhere. Now, what is coming up ahead of us? We are launching some exciting stuff

Redlion Studios - Our Print Media NFT Platform

We will very soon be launching some great comic books, original IPs, graphic novels and other Print Media Content in partnership with ETHMEN.  We will also have independent creators launching their print media projects with us, later on, as we establish ourselves in this new industry.

We have 2 new very exciting top quality Magazines already in production. One is about Generative Art and the other is about Music NFTs - More info will be announced soon.

We are also creating a daily Newspaper, which is very exciting.

Right now we are focusing on launching some of the above in the coming week.

We will use all the knowledge we gathered from our mistakes and not mess this one up.

Again, my apologies for our mistakes. It’s all behind us now and we are ready for the next challenge.

* The original contract lacked that function because when we wrote it there was a massive problem with bots minting a big % of drops.

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