How To Earn Money Playing NFT Games (Top 4 Ways)

How To Earn Money Playing NFT Games (Top 4 Ways)

From in-game assets to staking your token, find out how you can earn money playing NFT games!

What Are NFT Games?

Play-to-earn games have a unique business model where they reward the players with digital currencies or non-fungible tokens. Thanks to the boom in NFTs, we’re seeing many games that provide a play-to-earn model for players where they earn while playing their favourite game.

Earning currency that has real-world value (unlike game tokens) has become the biggest selling point in play-to-earn games since players can trade their in-game assets, send or receive currency, and even create NFTs that can easily get profitable in a short period of time.

How to Earn Money by Playing NFT Games

1. Play and Earn

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The easiest way you can earn money by playing games is by actually progressing in an NFT game, which favours your time and gives you great in-game prizes. Some popular NFT games out there are Axie Infinity and The Sandbox, which let you cash out your rewards or simply trade them with some of the most popular cryptocurrencies out there.

However, play-to-earn games won’t earn you enough money to quit your job. But if you’re passionate about gaming and earning money on the side, then it’s a good side hustle.

2. Trading NFTs

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Games such as Zed Run and CryptoKitties reward NFTs that can be traded for crypto. They can be in the form of a card of a valuable player in the game or any other valuable item. You can earn by trading these in-game assets.

The earning potential, though, will depend on your insight, research, and timing. It requires a lot of shrewdness and resilience to make a profitable trade.

Also, not all games are free. For example, in Splinterlands, you must purchase an item to become eligible for rewards.

3. Taking Part in Tournaments

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Since NFTs and gaming have become so close to each other, it is easier to find a tournament where you’ll be rewarded with a tradeable NFT. So, once you master a game, the easiest way to earn NFTs will be to partake in gaming tournaments with NFT rewards.

Platforms like the Neo Tokyo Tournament and Ignite Tournaments have incorporated this model, with huge prize money on offer.

4. By Staking your Tokens

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A lot of blockchain games nowadays have staking pools where players participate and stake tokens. And as the players spend more and more time in the game, they unlock more rewards as they move through levels.

DeFi Kingdoms is a popular example where players stake tokens, which come in the form of their in-game currency called JEWEL. Players usually stake JEWEL in order to get JEWEL emissions where they can unlock many rewards.

Ready to start playing? Learn about the game thoroughly, from levels to abilities, rarity, attributes, and more. Then you’ll easily be able to make a valuable trade!

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