Highlighting Top NFT Collectors

Highlighting Top NFT Collectors

There are dozens of personalities within the Web 3.0 world who have made an identity for themselves with their contributions to cryptocurrency, the digital economy and NFTs, many of whom have acquired significant collections.

Highlighted below are some of the collectors we have our eyes on, not only for the breadth and significance of their collections, but for their involvement and relevance to the space. 


Mechanical Engineer turned Crypto Degen, psychology enthusiast, lover of DeFi since the beginning, currently full-time in NFT space. Early Avastars and NBA Top Shot hoarder, with wide exposure in social media. He has collected and advocated for a wide variety of projects, and looks to be an NFT Maximalist.    

Cozomo de’ Medici

Long believed to be Snoop Dogg, he has been a dominant force in the space with major purchases and shout outs to emerging artists. A trendsetter with a massive following. An integral part of the recent NFT boom.

DC Investor

A Web2 employee turned crypto enthusiast, with a strategy of flipping DeFi gains into NFTs that may have long-term value. He is a real collector in the literal sense as he rarely sells, if ever. His views and philosophy have so far aligned with the Ethereum core community and vision. 


He needs no introduction to the NFT community, Ddaavvee is a vocal advocate for the NFT space focused on key framework subjects like copyrights and sustainability. 


ModeratsArt has been one of the prominent figures to establish a solid reputation with his diverse collection. Not much is known and his lack of social media engagement makes him one of the true believers of this space on the weight of his collection alone. 

Token Angels

An OG with a diverse collection of historical pieces both online and offline. Collector of many unique works from a wide range of artists. Introduced royalty sharing on his projects and collaborations with artists. Not particularly vocal through social media, but maintains a significant presence with his collection.


An NFT veteran with diverse experience in DeFi and yield farming from the time of the launch of Yearn. He is into collecting interesting art rather than flipping projects, taking a non-speculative approach that focuses on disruption and enduring value.

Vincent Van Dough

Famous for participating in major drops and with his recent involvement with the Starry Night Capital fund. He is a vocal advocate for the recently formed TungstenDAO, and his collection is massive in its own right.


An Art Blocks Discord moderator, Art Blocks curation board member and an overall Art Blocks bull with an incredible gallery in Decentraland.

Whale Shark

An early adopter of crypto since 2012, with deep roots in tech companies and AI. Founder of $WHALE with one of the biggest collections of NFTs, including many 1/1s. Currently ranks second on the all-time top collector list on SuperRare. 

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