Hidden in Noise

Hidden in Noise

Hidden in Noise is a collection of 1024 algorithmically generated NFTs. Each piece is created by applying a custom human-impacted video and audio algorithm. The project is the creation of a team called 404.zero, formed by two artists who primarily focus on audio-visual art:

The outputs of the generators combine in multiple ways in random orders with random math operation. The use of undefined inputs creates unpredictability, and only a few of the results are valuable and usable. The Hidden in Noise collection contains valuable results, and each NFT is created by applying a unique human-impacted video and audio algorithm.” 

The project highlights a visual representation of merged signals that appear as the noise we used to see in old television sets. The artists have experimented with simple and complex generators for their collection and have used a number of custom-generated outputs. Both simple and complex outputs are combined in dynamic ways with random arithmetic operations to produce the final output. After repeated viewing, users have reported feeling a slight hypnotic effect, which adds viewing pleasure for some but can be disturbing for others depending on one’s current state of mind and audio-visual preferences. Although the work is wholly different, it is suggestive of some of DEAFBEEF’s works.

Although the artists structured the drop to ensure fairness, a number of problems in the mechanics led to misuse and botting, resulting in one Ethereum address minting over 100 pieces alone. Besides its early struggles, the project has a strong community and made it into Opensea’s top-5 art NFTs this past week and had a notable 10 ETH sale. 

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