Spring into Beeple

Spring into Beeple

Like all Beeple drops, this one was on Nifty Gateway and lasted three days. In the drop, there were four 1/1 pieces each being auctioned off, two silent auctions with each having three editions, a ranked auction of NFT with 100 editions, and four $1 raffles, each having 100 editions. This drop was massive; in total, there were 11 different Beeple works up for sale.

Along with the NFTs, some of the winners will receive special 1/1 physicals.

One of the most interesting new creations to come out of this drop is Beeple’s use of a quiz to enter the raffle for the pieces, “JANUARY 1ST, 2021” and “GIGACHAD.” I took the quiz for “JANUARY 1ST, 2021” and it was a doozy of one. In Beeple style, the quiz was very unconventional; the answers and questions did not make any sense. But, it was still really cool to see this taking place in an NFT market.

The quiz was set to help the stopping of bots from entering and winning the raffle. But, after noticing the number of entries, people became skeptical that this actually helped stop bots.

May 1st, 2021, marked the 14th year of everydays, and this drop seems like a great celebration of an artist’s dedication towards his work. Congratulations to Beeple on such an incredible accomplishment and for helping bring NFTs to the mainstream.

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