The bloody ArtDrop that we’ve got this week was made by Ning+ (Haningwaslost). She has been drawing since she was young, about 5 years old. What got her started? Japanese manga! They inspired her to start drawing.

Later in life, Ning+ (Haningwaslost) studied art and interior at university. Hence art has always played a big role in her life. The sort of ‘depressed’ style we’re seeing nowadays is something she started with 2 years ago. She was feeling extreme tension due to various factors. Haningwaslost mentioned to us how she sees the world in a bit of a weird, creepy way due to her own negative emotions and sensitive thinking.

She now uses those feelings to create and develop her art. 85% of her works are created in her head before she starts, and the other 15% comes to her whilst sketching. Of course, sometimes, these two go hand in hand.

Inspiration mostly comes from her own emotions but sometimes it can also be sparked by a movie or a manga.

She stepped into NFTs thanks to a friend on Clubhouse, who saw her art on Instagram and mentioned that she could have a great future in NFTs. 

Check out free NFT ArtDrop by Haningwaslost here

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