Gossip Goblin

Gossip Goblin

Through the lens of goblins, Zack combines a mix of physical and digital media to explore the natural history of our own world, spanning from Earth’s primordial, dinosaur-infested origins, through our not-so-far-future as virtual brains in vats, to the sobering end of the universe as we know it. In these speculative works, there is but one certainty: while eons pass by, the profundity and banality of existence will always intermingle to comic effect.

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Zack recently founded The Benevolent Goblin Friendship Society, a collection of meticulously handmade, digitalized, discombobulated and reconfigured claymation NFTs. Constructed from hundreds of handmade clay parts, Goblins are a whimsical hybrid of analog claymation and digitally composited wizardry. He hopes this project will inspire more traditional artists to apply their niche crafts to the NFT space and help to expand the visual repertoire of this nascent “art” community. He also hopes he’ll be able to sell all his goblins too, of course - a man’s gotta eat after all.

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