"Glitchy Garden": A Digital Floriography by Jack Prettyman

"Glitchy Garden": A Digital Floriography by Jack Prettyman

In the vibrant world of digital art, 'Glitchy Garden' emerges as a testament to the fusion of nature and technology, this collection by Jack Prettyman, a seasoned designer and 3D illustrator, marks a significant shift from client-focused projects to a deeply personal artistic exploration.

From Web3 Discovery to Artistic Expression

As Jack ventured into the Web3 realm in early 2022, it marked a pivotal shift in his artistic journey, transitioning from a decade of agency work to the uncharted territories of freelance design and 3D illustration, he found a newfound freedom in personal expression.

The ‘Fragile Flora’ collection, his inaugural venture, was more than just art; it was a statement. It served as a vibrant representation of overlooked beauty and diversity, mirroring the underrepresented voices in Web3 and beyond, this collection laid the foundation for Jack’s artistic narrative – one where flowers symbolize resilience, diversity, and the myriad hues of life.

The Unforeseen Evolution of 'Glitchy Garden'

'Glitchy Garden' started as an escape, a digital playground where Jack could experiment without constraints, what began as a casual exploration in Procreate and Photoshop soon blossomed into a vibrant series of animated illustrations.

This journey was marked by embracing imperfections and celebrating the unexpected, each piece in the collection stands as a testament to the beauty of artistic freedom and the serendipitous nature of creativity.

Unveiling Art Through Chance and Accessibility

The distribution of 'Glitchy Garden' is a venture into the realm of unpredictability and inclusiveness, by allowing artworks to be randomly assigned to collectors, Jack aims to recreate the excitement and anticipation akin to a treasure hunt.

This approach not only democratizes the art acquisition process but also fosters a community where the value of art is not just in its exclusivity, but in its accessibility and the shared experience it offers.

A Personal Connection: The Artwork That Stood Apart

In the heart of 'Glitchy Garden' lies an illustration that holds a special place in Jack’s creative odyssey, initially part of his 'Silly Scribbles' collection, this piece waited patiently for its rightful place in the digital ecosystem.

Its eventual inclusion in 'Glitchy Garden' symbolizes the journey of an idea, evolving and finding meaning over time.

Bridging Art and Audience: The Role of Floor

Jack's collaboration with Floor’s Mobile Minting signifies a leap toward simplifying the art collection process, By integrating user-friendly payment options like Apple Pay and Google Pay, the gap between artists and collectors narrows, inviting a wider audience to participate in the digital art revolution. This integration is a stride towards making art collection a seamless, accessible experience for all.

For Jack, the digital art evolution is not just a professional milestone but a personal revolution, NFTs and Web3 have opened doors to a world where art transcends traditional boundaries, allowing direct engagement with a global audience, this era of digital art is a canvas of possibilities, promising a future where creativity knows no bounds and artists can navigate their paths with newfound autonomy and connectivity.

Set for release on January 17th with Floor’s Mobile Minting, 'Glitchy Garden' is more than a collection; it’s a digital narrative woven with vibrant threads of creativity, inclusivity, and technological innovation. In this garden, each bloom tells a story, each petal a brushstroke of Jack’s digital art journey, beckoning us to witness the blossoming of a new era in the art world.

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