I studied graphic design and illustration, have been writing graffiti since 2004, tattooing for over 10 years. I live art and I love it! All these things shape me into the story I am telling today.

As an artist, it is the ability to build worlds that is most inspiring to Gimiks, in fact this aspect of art is what drives him to get up and create. Katsuhiro Otomo is “one of the greats” as he says it, a genius in this field and practice. If he were to pick mediums, it would be paint first, spray paint second, then pencil, ink, and finally digital.

it’s just sooooo fast and convenient – just like home-delivered pizza and beer lol!

‘Fire and Ice’ portrays the visual battle between the two infamous traits in the Genuine Undead collection, the Lous and the Roys. In Gimiks’ words: 

Are they brothers in war, are they fighting together or against each other? I really love to make the audience discover the lore for themselves. This is the real power of art I think, to make people use their imaginations and create their own worlds.

True NFT degen and Redlion mascot since 2021. I really need a fix 🚬 man so dm me if you got some!

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