Genuine Undead: A Community's Unprecedented Initiatives

Genuine Undead: A Community's Unprecedented Initiatives

Ever since its inception in August 2022, the Genuine Undead (GU) collection has represented a paradigm shift within the world of Non-Fungible Tokens. With its anonymous creator ceding control to the community and emphasizing a democratic, decentralized framework, this unique collection has fostered a thriving ecosystem unlike any other. Today, the Genuine Undead community - bonded by the shared ethos of "Rise and Shine," is making waves through a multitude of creative projects, fueling a novel narrative in the NFT space.

The Pulse of the Community: The Genuine Times

The Genuine Times stands as a testament to the community's commitment to cohesion and communication. Established as the official news and analytics outlet for Genuine Undead, it serves as a primary source of community-related content.

Thanks to Maison's regular and vibrant Twitter spaces, newcomers are welcomed, and stimulating discussions about GU and its future direction are held, playing a crucial role in expanding the GU narrative.

Wearable Art: The Genuine Merch

The GU community's creative prowess comes to life through Genuine Merch, an unofficial line of merchandise. This project, championed by SportsDeFi1 and T_C0ach, showcases an array of clothing that perfectly captures the unique aesthetic of the Genuine Undead.

With contributions from renowned artists like Gimiks Born and Markus Manson, the community's collective creativity and sense of style have been transformed into wearable art.

Immersive Narratives: GU's Comic Chronicles

A powerful conduit for expressing the GU community's creative energies has been the realm of comic creation. The community's inherent passion for storytelling and lore-building manifests itself vibrantly through comics inspired by the Genuine Undead traits.

Prominent among these is the Watchers comics, a captivating narrative arc spun around the 'Watchcaps' trait. Created by an alliance of skilled artists and creators within the community, the series has become a beloved extension of the GU universe. With artistry led by Gimiks Born and production handled by Sandman, the Watchers comics serve as an innovative way of exploring and interpreting the GU lore.

Alongside the Watchers comics, another standout creation is the 'Layne The Nihon Warrior' comic. Brought to life by Sygo, this comic series has been lauded as one of the most consistently impressive artistic outputs within the GU community. Drawing its inspiration from the 'Nihon' trait, Layne The Nihon Warrior is a futuristic joint that combines the richness of Genuine Undead lore with a unique storytelling approach.

These comic chronicles not only deepen the sense of engagement within the community but also serve to expand the narrative horizon of Genuine Undead. Each comic issue breathes life into the distinct GU traits, transforming them into compelling narratives that captivate the community and beyond.

Trait-Based Unity: The Paperboy Club and LOU Corp

One of the most distinctive facets of the Genuine Undead community is the formation of clubs centered around specific traits found within the NFT collection. These clubs have not only facilitated deeper bonds among the community members but have also created unique spaces for expression and engagement, enriching the overall GU experience.

The PAPERBOY CLUB, for instance, was formed by a passionate group of fans drawn to the 'paperboy' trait. This club, characterized by its dedication and enthusiasm, has turned its shared affinity into an opportunity to enhance the GU community's vibrancy. Hosting events such as poker tournaments and Twitter Spaces discussions, they provide a lively platform for members to connect, share ideas, and celebrate their common love for the 'paperboy' trait.

Parallel to the PAPERBOY CLUB is the LOU Corp, a collective formed by fans of the coveted 'Lou' trait. Considering the 'Lou' as a grail within the GU universe, this club represents a specialized group that holds a special place in the community. Through various activities and initiatives, LOU Corp aims to acknowledge and cherish each Lou holder, further fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie within the GU community.

Democratizing the Future: Community Investments

The GU community embraces a democratic approach toward investment decisions. Community members are encouraged to put forth proposals that expand the GU universe and enhance its value. This commitment was exemplified when the community minted 108 Enigma NFTs, a strategic move that demonstrates their willingness to explore investments beyond their domain.

Rising & Shining: The Undying Spirit of GU Community

The initiatives pioneered by the Genuine Undead community serve as a testament to their undying spirit and commitment to the ideals of "Rise and Shine". This journey has not only seen the creation of an NFT collection but also the inception of a diverse, thriving community that continues to push the boundaries of what's possible in the NFT space. As they continue to innovate and grow, one thing remains clear: The GU community is far from being undead - it's truly alive and kicking.

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