Fvckrender hack

Fvckrender hack

FVCKRENDER received a dm on Twitter inquiring about a potential project and asking to share files to his email. FVCKRENDER, thinking this inquiry was legit, opened up an SCR file. This, in turn, resulted in a trojan virus being installed into his computer. 

Manifold, an NFT product company, provided FVCKRENDER with a temporary secure address to send his most essential assets to minimize the hack’s damage. According to Manifold, the order of importance of those assets were: 

  • ETH balance
  • High value ERC20 tokens
  • ENS domains
  • Contract ownership of his minting contract
  • High-value NFT’s
  • Locking down profiles on OpenSea, Foundation, Makersplace, Rarible, Superrare 

The hacker man was apparently able to drain a small amount of ETH, ERC20’s, and 40,000 AXS from the wallet. 

Some lessons to learn from this hack  

This hack is an example of why you shouldn’t have your seed phrase stored anywhere on a computer. A hacker can dig through files, data, and caches to find the seed phrase. Also, FVCKRENDER’s primary wallet was not a hardware wallet that allowed the hacker man to access most of his assets. This hack might encourage more people to start using hardware wallets as they are one of the best ways to secure assets. 

Richerd did a great thread on how to protect yourself from a hack like this one.

One of the best things to see about this situation is the community response. Many people have brought light to other various attacks. Also, they have been sharing information on how not to fall for these skems. 

If you are a victim of a skem, it’s probably best you share your situation. This would prevent other people from falling victim to a similar attack and would build the community to weed out attacks from hackers. 

Stay safe out there

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