Foodmasku Welcomesu

Foodmasku Welcomesu

Beyond Imagination

 Yes, here masks, goggles and helmets are made out of meals. The project began in the early days of the lockdown in New York City while the COVID-19 cases were spiking, everything was shut down. While everyone thought an “ Ideal mind is a devil's workshop” The New York artist and art professor spent every day of the pandemic making his food into face masks and posting them on his Instagram account, Foodmasku.

“Think Outside The Box”, But Antonius Wiriadjaja Gets Rid Of The Box

Antonius Wiriadjaja is a multimedia artist based in Newyork city. He is a former Fullbright U.S scholar in Indonesia and currently teaches at the Borough of Manhattan Community College.  Seeing a fellow artist wear a pickle face filter during a Zoom meeting during the pandemic self-isolation period is what inspired  Antonious. He created an account on Instagram @foodmasku - and posted pictures of making his food into face masks. 

Foodmasku Captivates Followers

Since the pictures got posted on Instagram, the account has stormed to 10K followers. Antonious Wiriadjaja even gets a shoutout at the New York Times.

The project was selected by The New York Times as one of "five art accounts to follow on Instagram now."

Artistic Vision Behind The Fun

He was on a video call discussion with a few of his colleagues and one of the participants was playing around with Zoom's filters, transforming her face into a pickle.

"I thought that was really interesting, so I took some kale and I put it on my face and it just brought out a good reaction," Wiriadjaja said.

"So the next day I put on a Tortilla and I took a picture and put it on Instagram, and somebody said, 'Oh, that's really good, but can you make one out of lasagne? And I did that the next day. Then somebody said, 'I bet you can't make one out of noodles.' And I made the Noodles mask, and it just kept going and going and going, and I just didn't stop."

"I was expressing, I guess, my anxiety and my worry and also my confusion. We didn't really know at the beginning of this shelter-in-place what we were supposed to do and what was keeping us safe and what was really dangerous. So I was trying my best to express it. And at the same time, it brought out a good reaction with my friends," he said.

Foodmasku’s Upcoming Sales On

Fourteen Carrot Salad

Grilled Cheese Tteokbokki

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