Flow Blockchain

Flow Blockchain

Flow is a decentralized proof stake blockchain that is aiming to make blockchain technology more mainstream. Flow also recently released their Flow token for trading on Kraken on Jan. 27, 2021.  

Flow plans on bringing blockchains to mainstream adoption by having fun game projects on the chain. As mentioned in issue #19, NBA Top Shot is built on Flow. This is just one of the many upcoming projects to be built on Flow. Some of the announced projects to be released on Flow are UFC digital collectiblesDr. Suess digital collectibles, and a digital avatar maker called Genies. They have also signed deals with Warner Music Group and Ubisoft to use their blockchain technology in the future.

Going with the $FLOW 

Back in October, $FLOW raised $18 million on CoinList through a community sale and auction. The sale was capped to a $1k investment per person, and the tokens are "subject to a two-year total lock-up period where 50% of tokens are unlocked at the end of year one, and remaining tokens unlock linearly over the 2nd year." Through the community sale, $9 million was raised. Through the auction, they were able to raise $9.5 million, and these tokens are "subject to a 1-year lock-up."

Now the coin is not available to trading for American/Canadian users, and it is unknown when this will change. It's funny how American companies can partner up and profit with this, but Americans can't. It kinda reminds me of how elitism in Wall Street works. 

This week, $FLOW was released for trading and already taken the #109 spot by market cap on Coingecko, with a market cap of $207,309,290. The token was released at $4.94 and is currently up by 80%, sitting at $9.06. But that price has a question mark as the supply is very limited and demand really high. We are very bullish on this coin as the new blockchain is expected to grow. Plus, we are heading into Alt Season baby!

It will be fascinating to see where this project goes, especially with all these big companies partnering up with Flow. And if it's anything like TS, it should go to the mooooooon!

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