creates art representing snapshots of their memories and a mirror into their heart, a 17 year old artist, born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, and currently a senior in high school, Fewocious discovered their love of art in middle school due to being bored in class. FEWOCiOUS deciding to draw caricatures of their peers to pass the time. Their art was also a way for them to process growing up & uses art as an alternate form of journaling.

Eventually, they discovered the Art Twitter community, and decided to start posting their own work too. Starting off with sharpie doodles on cheap copy paper, to drawing digitally using their iPad pro and the Procreate app, always creating based off how they feel. To them, Vibrancy symbolizes the strength of feeling. Sometimes, experimenting with acrylic paints in the physical space. Although, Fewocious has never been in an art class, they spend all their time absorbing art books and learning from as many artists they can. Recently, learning how to animate their artworks to extend the fluidity and showcase breathing motions.

This is the description of Nifty Gateway, we all know him from the short Twitter videos that he uploads that are always filled with positivity, maybe a little cringe sometimes haha!

“Moment I fell in love’’ sold to ETYOUNG for 25,000$.
Congratulations to both the artist and the collector.

An average person trying to make something extraordinary

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