Fatima Yasrebi

This week’s ArtDrop is brought to you by Fatima Yasrebi. Fatima is an artist from Iran, who can be described as a cartoonist, illustrator, director, and animator, amongst others. She started painting at the age of 7. She then went on to study painting at the University of Arts. She focused mainly on the expressionist style here. Later on, she studied for a Master’s Degree in Animation Directing. All this experience is clearly visible in her current artworks.

Fatima has been making animated short films and music videos for about 16 years now. She mentioned to us how she’s addicted to making high-quality videos - it’s her favorite thing to do. Since she has been working for herself for quite some time now, NFTs suited her lifestyle perfectly. They let her focus on her art and work at her own pace, something many NFT artists really appreciate about the space.

The unusual girl that we see in many of her artworks, portrays various parts of Fatima’s own personality. She came into her art about 7 years ago. Fatima really enjoys the combination of psychological themes and humor in her work. 

Fatima’s Mad Land collection, which is available on OpenSea, is based on her childhood fears, nightmares, and fantasies. On Foundation, she focuses more on psychological emotions. She’s usually inspired by everyday situations and events around her, such as her sorrows, fear, and war.

Check out free NFT ArtDrop by Fatima Yasrebi here

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