Now I work with various media - digital painting, 3D animation, algorithmic music creation, 3D video mapping, VJing and audio-visual performances.

EVM ART is the short name of my brand EuroVideoMapping, which has been actively participating in the global digital art arena for the past 7 years. My work has been awarded by dozens of festivals, competitions and exhibitions. You can see the list in my portfolio.

Recently, I have been working on combining contemporary and digital art. I really like

The surrealistic works of Salvador Dali, Andre Breton, Rene Magritte... These artists work innovatively with images and space, creating incredibly realistic images. Hyperrealism. Working with shadows, allows us to see the photographic quality of an image, limited only by imagination in surreal space. My experience in 3D software and boundless surreal fantasies made me choose hyperrealism in terms of style.

My works take half a day to several days to create. It depends on the concept and quantity of details. Rendering often takes all night, and music creation can add another day.

I am now focused on creating digital art for the NFT Community, which is also exhibited at various media art exhibitions. For example WOW NFT Expo Dubai, Miami Bitcoin Conference, NFT.NYC in early November and others.

Besides this, I continue to work with 3D mapping projection technologies on buildings and soon you can see some of my NFT works integrated into the architecture of a museum in Tokyo at the biggest international festival of light.

I think that creation is one of the most important human functions. This can come in many forms. The important thing is that you do it with love and immerse yourself in it. For me, this is my art, for someone else, it may be a completely different activity.

I see great potential in blockchain technology for contemporary art and I plan to actively develop in this direction.

Check out free NFT ArtDrop by EVM Art here


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