Epic Thundercat

Epic Thundercat is a multidisciplinary artist who creates both NFTs as well as traditional artworks. She started painting when she was just a child. This creative outlet helped her to handle her childhood trauma and let her channel her emotions into fantasy worlds, which she used as an escape. It was also a way for her to cope with her ADHD in school - creating art helped her to focus on what the teacher was actually saying. Multitasking master in the making, if you ask us!

Later on, Epic Thundercat also obtained a Masters's Degree in Mental Health as well as Organizational Leadership. Besides painting and visual art creation, she also enjoys photography and writing.

Epic Thundercat’s art has always been dark: she enjoys exploring emotions many folks try to avoid. In terms of tools, she started out with just drawing, then moved to watercolor in high school, and learned how to create digital art when covid hit.

The NFT space has truly let her style flourish. She started to add ‘glitch art’ and ‘light animation’ to her pieces to make them more engaging for those viewing them. This has led to a collection full of vibrant colors and moving artworks. Take a look at her OpenSea and you’ll immediately see what we mean.

How she got into NFTs? That’s thanks to one of her friends (Jonathon). Epic Thundercat thought NFTs sounded ridiculous at first until she learned more about the art movement behind them. Artists finally being paid a fair wage for their work: that sounded interesting. “We have been so shamed into thinking artists don’t deserve a liveable wage it felt, to me, like with NFTs artists are finally treated fairly”.

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