ENS Done Right: How to Set Up Your Profile Picture

  • The ENS is well-known but has a little-known feature

  • You can add your pfp's link to your ENS profile

  • Now you'll see your pfp all over web3-enabled sites!

Most NFT heads are familiar with the Ethereum Name Service (ENS). This system allows you to create a “.eth” wallet address. Default crypto wallet addresses are a hexadecimal hash that start with “0x…” and end with a blindingly long combo of letters and numbers–not at all user friendly or memorable. With the ENS, you can make a personal wallet address that shows your personality… like, RoarStock2023.eth or LoganPaulScammedCryptoZooCommunity.eth, or whatever .eth address you think of! Of course, many of the most sought after ENS domains have already been claimed (yes, w33d.eth is taken). But if you go to ens.domains, you can find the right address for yourself. 

While the above is pretty basic info for a lot of people, many collectoors don’t know that they can actually put their pfp INTO their ENS account. This is a really cool feature. It allows connected websites to display your pfp alongside your ENS name. It looks great and it allows you to flex your pfp in a web3-native way. Let’s check out how to do it.

First of all, you will want to go to ens.domains, open up the app, and search your own ENS. (In this case, you can see my faux-edgy, angsty ENS 😉)

Then, connect your wallet.

When you see all the info regarding your ENS, click on the ADD/EDIT RECORD on the lower right side of the screen.

Next, click on the “avatar” field and enter your info. There are two main options here:

1) If you have a public https link, like Imgur, you can paste it.

2) If you want to use your actual NFT to populate the avatar pic, use this form: eip155:1/[NFT standard]:[contract address for NFT collection]/[token ID or the number it is in the collection]

The easiest way to find your NFT’s info is from the “details” tab on OpenSea. There you’ll see the Token ID, Token Standard, and Contract Address. Note that to copy your Contract Address, you may need to click the hyperlinked text and collect the full address from Etherscan.

Once the Avatar field is filled, click save. This will initiate a blockchain transaction that you’ll need to approve. It will cost gas.

After a few minutes, refresh your browsers...

ENS avatar not working

and voilà, you now are getting the most out of your ENS Domain!

ENS Avatar displaying properly

Here's how it looks on OpenSea.

OpenSea ENS with avatar pfp

Hope you found this helpful, Anon. Enjoy your avatar-enabled ENS!

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