Don’t Want MetaMask To Collect Your IP? Here Are 7 Alternative Wallets

Don’t Want MetaMask To Collect Your IP? Here Are 7 Alternative Wallets

News that MetaMask will harvest IP addresses has gone down... about as well as you would expect in a community that’s notoriously anti-surveillance.

Fortunately, if you want to ditch your MetaMask wallet, you’re spoiled for choice.

Source: Consensys

#1 Ledger

Migrating from MetaMask is the perfect excuse to switch from a hot (online) wallet to a cold (hardware) one. Cold wallets are more secure, more decentralized and more anonymous than hot wallets. Ledger is one of the biggest names and it supports over 1,800 currencies.

#2 Trust

Yes, Trust Wallet is now owned by Binance, but the two operate separately. Trust doesn’t harvest your data, you’re free to use it without KYC and it’s fully decentralized/non-custodial. Being a big name, it’s also fast, connects seamlessly to all the latest DeFi platforms and has an app.

#3 Edge

It might not support as many tokens as some of the other wallets here, but Edge makes up for that with ironclad security and privacy features. These include client-side encryption, HD address rotation and zero-knowledge encryption. Edge claims that this is the most private cross-chain wallet in existence.

#4 Coinomi

The oldest multi-chain wallet in the business, Coinomi’s long history is reason enough to trust it. It was founded back in 2014 and has never been hacked. Its many security/privacy features include no KYC, no IP association, zero identity linking and no transaction tracking. Coinomi’s servers encrypt your IP for maximum anonymity. 

#5 Trezor

Another hardware wallet, Trezor doesn’t support as many coins as Ledger, but it's sometimes considered more secure. Your pin can be up to 50 characters long and passphrases are bound to seeds (so they aren't device dependent). Additionally, Trezor’s Bootloader system constantly checks for new firmware updates.

#6 Bread

Most commonly used for Bitcoin transactions, Bread nowadays supports Ethereum and over 100 ERC-20 tokens. It’s a mobile-only wallet with hardware encryption and code signatures. Touch, pin and facial recognition put further walls around your crypto; Bread Wallet proudly boasts that it’s never been hacked. 

#7 Coinbase

Although it bears the Coinbase moniker, the exchange and wallet are separate entities. Coinbase wallet is reliable, flexible, doesn’t record your data and is excellent for crypto newbies who want a seamless experience. Your private keys are stored in your wallet, so this is fully non-custodial.

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