Dior Unveils 'B33 Sneakers' Collection, Paving the Way for Metaverse Expansion

Dior Unveils 'B33 Sneakers' Collection, Paving the Way for Metaverse Expansion

Dior, the renowned high-end fashion house, is making its way back into the crypto world with the introduction of a new line of men's footwear that incorporates NFTs. The upcoming Fall/Winter collection, called 'B33 Sneakers,' is designed by Dior's iconic designer, Kim Jones, and will feature Ethereum NFTs, which represent digital duplicates of the shoes. This innovative step will be taken on July 6.

The Dior B33 Sneakers will be priced at $1,350 per pair and will come with cryptographic keys that grant buyers access to the Dior Metaverse, along with other undisclosed exclusive services. With only 470 pairs of these mohair fabric-wrapped trainers available, interested individuals will need to act swiftly to secure their spot.

Dior has been exploring the potential of blockchain technology since 2021 when it launched a virtual experience in collaboration with Harrods called 'Atelier of Dreams.' This venture merged virtual and physical spaces, allowing consumers worldwide to immerse themselves in the magical world of Dior and make direct purchases at any time.

Building on its success, Dior partnered with Meta Media in 2022 to present the first Metaverse fashion show in China called 'On the Road.' The show was developed by Baidu, China's dominant internet search engine. In the same year, Dior started dressing drivers in the Metaverse, with Kim Jones designing digital collectibles exclusively for the game Gran Turismo 7.

Dior's parent company, Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH), has also been exploring NFTs through its sub-brand Louis Vuitton (LV). On June 16, LV unveiled an NFT collection named 'Treasure Trunk,' which represents the brand's iconic trunk. Each NFT in this collection is priced at around $42,000 and cannot be traded or transferred, adding to their exclusivity. The owners of the original Treasure Trunks enjoy benefits such as limited-edition customizable products, bespoke items, early releases, and more as part of LV's first blockchain series, 'VIA.'

Looking ahead, the fashion behemoth plans to release six additional styles of the Dior B33 sneakers, priced between $1,000 and $1,100. These future versions will feature NFC chips embedded in the soles, enabling close-range wireless communication between items. Similarly, the subsequent release of the B33 sneakers will allow buyers to access Dior's virtual world and experience the luxury brand's offerings in a unique way.

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