Did the CIA kill a crypto coder?!? Nikolai Muchgian dead at 29.

Did the CIA kill a crypto coder?!? Nikolai Muchgian dead at 29.

After posting this chilling tweet, Nikolai Muchgian’s body was found on a beach in Puerto Rico; he had drowned. The alarming coincidence of tweet and reality led many to declare that Nikolai was indeed assassinated. Could this be true? Yes, it COULD be true. But to assess what really happened, the only responsible thing to do is look at all the available facts–unfortunately, there aren't many facts to parse through. 

Nikolai was active within the crypto industry for many years. His most notable contribution was being a co-founder of MakerDAO. He also contributed to RAI, Bitshares and many other projects. Nikolai’s public statements display a clear knowledge of high-level crypto development trends. His tweets about crypto are mostly discussions of how to build decentralized and trustless systems. However, there is more than just hardcore crypto protocol discussions on Mr. Muchgian’s Twitter; there is also a lot of anti-state rhetoric. Within that rhetoric, Nikolai seems to show foreknowledge of his death. 

In a tweet from early September, Nikolai said his life was approaching three outcomes: 1) death by the hands of the CIA, 2) enslavement/brainwashing by the CIA, or 3) victory for him and all mankind. Was Nikolai prescient? He used the phrase, “Suicided by the CIA.” To many, it is plausible that his drowning death was actually a murder made to look accidental. 

With all due respect for the dead, there is another possibility that doesn’t involve the CIA: death by mental illness. Nikolai wrote a magical, mystical and yet somewhat Scientific tweet in his “suicided” thread. He talks about being “all in on timeline shifting insanity index.” His hope was to obtain “quantum immortality” for all humanity and direct the entire species away from an extinction at the hands of the “negative sum banker global slave agenda.” There’s a lot to go through here. It is equally fascinating and fantastical. 

“Timeline shifting” is the idea that someone’s thought or action can shift the timeline that they are on. It is based on the infinite timelines of Quantum Determinism but adds a hack that allows people to pick their path, instead of being stuck on their original timeline. As far as some basic research could reveal, the “insanity index” is a market indicator that shows when markets are euphoric. 

The most interesting piece of Nikolai’s tweet is the concept of Quantum Immortality. This concept comes from a thought experiment related to Schrodinger’s Cat. If you’re familiar with Schrödinger's cat, imagine that a human observer is placed in the box instead of a cat. If you believe in the multiple worlds model of physics, then no matter how many times the observer tests the 50% chance of death within the box, there will ALWAYS be a timeline in which the observer is alive. This creates a type of “Quantum Immortality” because the observer is always alive in at least one version of the universe’s infinite timelines. This thought experiment is interesting for theoretical physicists–but how does it connect to Nikolai’s thoughts? 

He describes some “new opportunity” where he alone can will the entirety of the human race from certain doom to one of the timelines where we survive… sounds like an amazing bit of Sci-FI. But did Nikolai actually believe in this opportunity about which he tweeted? If he genuinely believed in the tweet, and wasn’t trolling, then he was convinced he was the savior of mankind! And if one analyzes the odds of that being true, then it is much more likely that he was delusional rather than messianic. 

What adds a chilling element to this Physics concept as it pertains to Nikolai Muchgian’s death is that Quantum immortality is more often called Quantum Suicide.  Is this a reference to Nikolai being “suicided?” Is it a hint that he was actually suicidal? It is impossible to tell.

The last tweet particle to breakdown is the “negative sum banker global slave agenda.” This references a conspiracy theory that claims there are globalists controlling all the world’s banks, nations and people. Many are convinced this conspiracy is true. However, there is no definitive evidence that proves the conspiracy’s claims. What’s more, combining this conspiracy theory with Sci-Fi type ideas–shifting timelines and ensuring humanity’s survival–really takes on a far-fetched feel. Nikolai was no doubt brilliant. But this one particular tweet sounds like dialogue from the protagonist of the Aronovsky film, “𝛱.” Thus, it is reasonable to consider mental illness as a possible cause of Nikolai’s death.

There are more questions, possibilities and suspects in the mystery of Nikolai Muchgian’s death. In the tweet that directly preceded his death, Nikolai referenced a girlfriend that was allegedly a secret spy. Who is she? There was a fake blackmail laptop Nikolai claimed was being used against him. Where is this critical piece of physical evidence? MakerDAO is about to complete a big custodial deal with Coinbase. Craig Sellars pointed out that this timing is suspiciously coincidental. Could there be a connection between Coinbase, Muchgian’s previous involvement in Maker and his death? Lastly, as an anti-state, crypto-native genius, could Nikolai have pulled off the ultimate anon job and faked his own death? He certainly would be equipped to obscure his new identity from the world. There are so many possibilities in this case; sadly, we may never know the truth. Hopefully more information comes to light.

Editor’s Note: If you or someone you know has information on this case, please reach out to us. We promise to maintain your anonymity.

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