Dhanya Ajith

Dhanya Ajith

This week’s ArtDrop is made by the talented Indian Dhanya, whose style was born from Engineering & recursive Fractals. She stepped into NFTs a little over a year ago and is now working hard to create her own story in the metaverse. Let’s get to know her a little better:

"I was always fascinated by the vibrant hues of dawn, and unique patterns found in nature since childhood. I  have never attended any art school or courses in my life so far. I became an artist by destiny and am still in the process of self-learning in this colourful world of art.

I was an engineer by profession and started sketching in a 5-inch smartphone a decade back with bare fingers. I always found inspiration from nature, from objects or from places I travelled. Anything and everything colourful and gave a happy vibe became a part of my canvas. I was trying to find a diversion from daily stress, especially while handling my 2 toddlers. I used to share my daily sketches on my only social media platform Facebook with my circle of family and friends. They kept encouraging and something which started as a hobby converted into a part-time of creating illustrations for storybooks for publishers in my home town.


 So last year March with support from my husband I ventured into NFTs listing work in opensea on Women’s Day. With not much contact in the art circle and less than 10 followers on Twitter, it wasn't an easy ride. But I was willing to learn and connect in the metaverse. Found a few wonderful artists and community builders who guided me well to sail through rough tides. And that motivated me to build a community for emerging and talented women artists from my country to start their journey in cryptoverse.
The NFT community helped me improve my art skills and I could finally find my signature art style of creating works using fractal patterns. I am lucky to be part of many amazing women-oriented communities now, also proud to take part in many international exhibitions and art collaborations too. I  hope to inspire and support talented artists who want to enter this amazing metaverse.

More about Danya here.

Check out free NFT ArtDrop by Dhanya Ajith here

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