Definitive Guide to NFT NYC Parties, Events and Exhibits

Definitive Guide to NFT NYC Parties, Events and Exhibits

NFT NYC is kicking off this week and the whole Redlion team is excited af!

The clear top of the list for events is our own party on the 14th at Studio 368! The party will feature amazing product reveals as well as appearances by co-hosts JOY, FoodMasku, REY, Andressa Furletti, Regulars, TheVERSEverse and Masnah. For details and an invite, say hello to us on Discord.

Now that your Friday afternoon plans with Redlion are locked in, it’s time to fill in the rest of your week! For that, we have this amazing spreadsheet created by Snax. From gallery events, parties, performances, bar takeovers to conferences, Snax’s compilation will guide you through everything there is to do.    

And if you're in Brooklyn, keep an eye out for Redlions perched atop Masnah's Williamsburg "NFT building" at Grand and Roebling. Enjoy the city, Anon!

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