#DEFI Mother of all Pumps

#DEFI Mother of all Pumps

On Jan 8th, Bitcoin surpassed the 40k mark and doesn’t seem like it’s going to stop anytime soon. Ethereum shot up by 70% this week, hitting a high of $1,300.

This is looking great for crypto investors, as tons of coins are projected to shoot to the moon.


As opposed to the FOMO that fueled the 2017 bull run, 2021’s bull run is caused by the investments of big institutions and whales.

These institutional investments are fueling the bull rally and it just makes 2021 built different.

It looks like the normies are getting on the ETH hype train as Google Trends data show people are searching about ETH at all-time high levels.

ETH’s last peak in searches was back in January of 2018, the month when ETH hit an ATH of $1,432.88.

Recently, gas prices have skyrocketed with the recent activity ETH has been getting. With the rise in gas prices, NFT artists and NFT projects will likely need to find alternative solutions like and move to Layer 2 or other chains. For example, the game Aavegotchi recently announced their move to Matic.

Alt season, baby!

As ETH skyrockets, it’s expected for other altcoins to follow. It is projected that BTC Dominance will fall and will make room for altcoins.

Some notable coins that have pumped in the new year are Cardano (ADA), which rose by 89% in the past week, and Polkastater (POLS), which just hit an ATH on Jan 8th. Some other dead shitcoins have also been on the rise. This is a sign of many new people entering the space and as usual, buying up some of the top 50 altcoins blindly, or whatever is shilled to them as the next BTC. Be smart with your money! Invest in knowledge first.


Don't be a noob and waste your money on XRP in this bullish market. There’s tons of money to be made in 2021.

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