This week, our ArtDrop is created by the generative artist Deconstruct. He’s an artist from Japan who, according to his own words, creates ‘trippy crypto AI art’ with good vibes.

Deconstruct has always been into art. Before he joined the NFT world, he was living a double life. During the day, he’d be freelancing as a graphic designer, and during the night, he’d work on visuals for events and parties. He was really into 3D artworks.

About half a year ago, a little after he had jumped into NFTs (which was in March), he discovered GAN scripts. He started playing with them, experimenting, and after a few months, he felt comfortable enough with the results to start sharing them. He made a decision and went full-force in on his GAN creations, the first collection being his Imaginarium AI collection, which included daily and weekly uploads. He uploaded his works to both OS and KO. “I built the concept to be part of an ecosystem for a sci-fi story, in which the artworks would be all tied up together into one story.”

But as happens with most artists, Deconstruct kept evolving. His new series of AI flowers was a process he started about a month ago with a specially trained script.

“Long before AI, when I was doing 3D, I was always trying to create trees and natural environments in my pieces. I wanted to find a new thing for AI art, something no one was doing yet, so I focused on creating 3D natural environments within it, flowers, trees, jungle, mushrooms, etc."

"I even added inspects. As weird as it may sound, me and my AI system are constantly going deeper into those jungles and alien environments, exploring them deeper and further.”

“About 3-4 weeks ago, the script start to produce high-quality materials.” They turned out not to be only gorgeous pieces of art, but also in demand. With the momentum built up through his previous daily mints, and his dedication as an artist to NFTs being crystal clear for collectors, his new series became a spectacular success.

His Imaginarium AI flowers hit Foundation at the end of November and is currently sold out. The description of the series might make your head spin (“We're a neural network system configuration forming hexagonal reality engine spanning across the globe, a nonbiological entity transforming its code & itself endlessly transcending into emergence”), but it’s a worthy read and the art itself is something you don’t want to miss out on.

“It’s a strange relationship in which I can see what the AI understands, and then I train it further into that direction. By doing that, new environments open up and evolve. Right now I am trying to go underwater, in lakes and wet environments, and it’s starting to look pretty good.”

“The way I see it, the collection will grow organically - if we can call it that way - as I try to use the AI system more and more to visualise alien environments, more types of flowers, trees, flora and fauna.”

Check out free NFT ArtDrop by Deconstruct here

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