👹 Decentralized Artistry by The Hashmasks

👹 Decentralized Artistry by The Hashmasks

Hashmasks have become part of people’s collections, which serve in their physical or virtual home as decoration. For others, their Hashmask has become a digital Identity that represents and identifies with them.

Digital art existed long before the blockchain. But just like almost all data, it was easy to copy. How can you claim a digital artwork is yours if another person can present you with the identical file of the image? The NFT market is still very much in its infancy and the amount of digital art is limited. We imagine a future, in which only a small proportion of the world will physically visit the Louvre. The rest of us will enter the second world and visit the digital Louvre. 

The art generation phase for the Hashmasks project took over half a year. This process, the multitude of artists(over 70), the different components of each artwork, the dynamism, the lack of singular input for the finalized pieces is why we believe Hashmasks represent a truly unique example of digital, decentralized art. Decentralized, nameless, and at the same time, unique and unattributed. It is critical to understand that none of the 16,384 masks were completed by a single artist. This was truly a decentralized masterpiece. 

Hashmasks have two well defined token models. The NFT(ERC-721) allows the ownership to be stored on the blockchain in order to allow the transparent verification and transfer of ownership over the art. Every single owner, sale, offer, bid and movement of each portrait will be publicly verifiable and immutable on Ethereum and leave its mark on the back of the digital canvas. The Name Changing Token (NCT) enables users to name their NFTs within the Hashmasks ecosystem and, thus, commoditized the name-giving process itself. 

Ever since the euphoric reveal of the Hashmasks art and token alignment, the team is blown away by the community’s continued enthusiasm. We’ve seen art sleuths uncover hidden messages in their Hashies; developers build new tools to analyse better the art and a lot of other excellent content which builds on the work done. Many community grant programs have been retroactively rewarded and more grants are in the pipeline with a focus on increasing exposure and growth of the unique Hashmask story.

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