Dead But Born Again

Dead But Born Again

Why are most crypto folks anonymous? It is not just for fun, it is also for their security. This is a story that we are unable to verify due to the lack of available data from the source. But, this is something we all need to be aware of when your portfolio gets heavy, so does the risk.

Some of you may recall various digital attacks like dusting, phishing, spyware, trojan malware etc. when a bad actor figures out you are crypto-heavy due to your lack of security practice, customer data breach from a centralised exchange, or any other means, and plots to threaten you to give up your private keys or ask you to transfer your funds. Scary would be an understatement for the following story as it is fatal.

Remember why cryptography in the first place, since the origin of life, information is preserved in coded proteins as DNA to Cave paintings in the early Cromagnon era evolving to coded messages for the military and warfare. It has been for many things, but security and protection is an essential survival tool. Cypher Punks exchanged coded messages way before modern email wasn’t even a thing. When your Asset class is all digital and it doesn’t require anything other than your private key to be transferred, you know the significance of those keys.

Let’s take a look at what happened to an unfortunate Anon living near the Eastern European territory of Russia called Kaliningrad (former Konigsberg). The tweet thread itself is self-explanatory.

Most wouldn’t make it to tell a story from a 1st angle perspective, but he is alive and well, to live another day. Binance has responded with a positive reply, lets hope the man gets his hard-earned funds back.

We verified those transactions and it matches with the blockchain and most of his funds are still in the attackers’ wallets, though they have cashed out some change. Always be cautious with your sensitive information in public or assign a multi sig from different geography for added safety. Using high-security locker facilities or equivalent can dampen certain threats. In the end, It's all about your personal security that matters most. 

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