The ArtDrop this week is a gorgeously animated piece by the Portuguese artist [name]. His animations are full of visual effects that will literally blow you away (as will the ArtDrop!). 

Daniel worked on many big productions as a visual artist and CG lead artist, among which “Dunkirk”, “Assasin’s Creed” and “The Hunger Games”. Although his IMDB is a good representation of his professional work, we did want to learn more. So, let’s get to know Daniel better!

Hi Daniel! We love your work. Could you tell us when and how you started creating art in general? Already at a young age or only later on?

I started producing art at a very young before I had access to computers. I'd draw whatever came to my mind from a very young age.

At around the age of 15, I started learning 3D developing skills to produce my own digital art. Back then, resources for learning were not as widely available as now, so I taught myself. Funnily enough, this eventually developed into a career in Film VFX.

How did you develop your current style?

My current style was developed throughout the years of my film career. All the directors and projects I worked on and the people that surrounded me shaped me into the artist I am today. As a solo artist, I am rediscovering my own style right now. I try to do this whilst staying very close to what I was good at already at my job: physically accurate shading and lighting.

You’ve got quite a track record in Film VFX, with titles like CG Lead Artist on series like “Lost in Space” and visual effect artist on “Star Trek”, “The Avengers” and “Black Panther”. How did you get into NFTs?

Throughout my career, I kept experimenting with personal projects to do RnD and further develop my skills. The rise of NFTs was a great way for me to share those personal projects. I loved getting to know other artists and inspiring them to learn about the film VFX world. Doing that actually motivated me to create more personal work which got the ball rolling. 

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