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This week’s ArtDrop comes from a talented, young Ukrainian artist: Daniil (@Mult_ar). He’s a 3D artist and animator who works for various studios and just recently entered the NFT space. A hidden gem, if you ask us!

Daniil started creating 3D art when he was about 14 years old. Believe it or not, at the age of 14, he broke both his arms, due to which he got stuck at home for 4 weeks. And what does a 14-years old boy do when such a thing happens? Exactly, he games!

So Daniil spent all his time playing video games, until, one day, it got too boring. That’s when he decided to make something new. Since he was playing quite a bit of Minecraft, he went ahead to make his own 3D Minecraft animation. And this all whilst his arms were still broken.

It took him about a week to complete the first one, but after that, he was hooked and he kept making more in his free time. He wanted to constantly develop his skills and improve himself. He went ahead to study architecture at university but quickly took a 1-year pause. During that period he got a proposal from a kids-focused YouTube Channel. They wanted a specific animation and Daniil took the job. It was the first time he made money from his animations and the start of the rest of his career.

He has always worked hard to develop his skills and create his own style. He’s inspired by anime, comics and cartoon animations - especially the ones that have a lot of hyperbilization action in them (like in Sony Picture movies). These, combined with the experience of working with professionals in the field, really influenced Daniil’s personal style. 

Leroosh Derrick was the one first mentioning NFTs to Daniil. They immediately intrigued him but as he was too busy with client work, he didn’t really get the chance to dive deeper. Until the war in Ukraine started and he lost about 80% of his work. He then took that opportunity to learn more about NFTs and got a crush on them.

What excites him most about NFTs is the fact that here you can connect with other individuals who will support you, and the ‘breeze of fresh air’: he feels inspired again. Inspired to work on his own projects, and develop his skills. He felt a bit stuck in his client work the last months and NFTs now push him to explore his own talent and emotions again.

We’re excited to introduce you all to Daniil this week. You can check out his ArtDrop right here and learn more about him over here. 

Check out free NFT ArtDrop by Daniil - Mult_art here

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